Power Transfer (Wire based)





Power Transfer (Wire Based) is ICICI Bank's online wire transfer channel. Remitters can transfer money to Sri Lanka in as short a time as 48 hours. Power Transfer (Web Based Wire Transfer) eliminates the errors associated with a normal wire transfer by giving remitters a printed wire instruction form and a tracking number to track the remittance online.


All you have to do to send money to any bank account in Sri Lanka is to transfer the amount, along with the relevant Money2SriLanka charges, to the designated ICICI Bank account in Canada.


Easy Money Transfers to any receiver in Sri Lanka

  • Fast money transfers - it takes just 48-72 hours
  • No upper limit on the amounts that can be remitted
  • Error-free, because manual intervention is minimal, and you can keep track of the transfer
  • Pay Orders issued by ICICI Bank, Sri Lanka, Colombo branch
  • Easy Money Transfers
  • Electronic transfers into any ICICI Bank or Sampath Bank account in Sri Lanka.
  • Disbursements into any other bank account in Sri Lanka
  • Pay orders issued by ICICI Bank, Sri Lanka, Colombo branch
  • Online tracking of the status of your funds
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Minimal charges
  • CAD 5 for amounts of CAD 1500 or below. No charges for larger amounts

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